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No water on Mars

 As for as many scientist claim all the water on mars in the form of ice.And they are visible only at north pole of red planet.

Research in 2015 had suggested that lines on some Martian hills were evidence of water. Yet American scientists now say these lines appear more like dry, steep flows of sand.If water is present, they said, it is likely to be a small amount. Water in liquid form would be necessary for microbial life.
Michael Meyer is the lead scientist for NASA's Mars exploration program. He noted that the latest study does not reject the presence of water. But he admitted, "It just may not be as exciting as the idea of rivers going down the sides of cliffs."
NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provided the images of dark lines. Thousands have been reported on the Red Planet.
The new findings come from a team led by Colin Dundas of the United States Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona.
His team measured 151 of these lines in 10 areas. Most of the lines end with slopes between 28 degrees and 35 degrees. These measurements are similar to active sand dunes on both Mars and Earth, the researchers noted. They said a small covering of dust that moves and sometimes becomes lighter might help explain the markings. They usually appear in the Martian summertime, then disappear until the next year.
But recent study found there is no water on Mars.Which is essential for life. The findings which are shows water forms are false data due to mirage of sand of mars.

Personally I don't believe Mars doesn't have water.

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